Career Fields Title Description

Warehouse Specialist

Oversees the smooth operation of a warehouse. Picks the customer’s order and accumulates the parts for shipping from the warehouse inventory. Often specializes in certain areas such as paint, body & equipment or machinery.

Warehouse Customer Delivery Teammate Delivers orders to commercial customers. Pulls part orders and answers inbound calls. Builds customer relationships through regular interaction of commercial customers.
Warehouse Material Handler Oversees incoming products and monitors inventory in the store.
Warehouse Equipment Specialist Oversees ordering and maintaining of parts pertaining to a specific equipment specialty. Conducts outside and inside tech support for the part or area they specialize in.
Customer Service Customer Service Interacts with customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the company’s products and services and plan to continue doing business with the company.
Customer Service Returns Representative Handles all incoming returns and credits back to customers.
Customer Service Parts Specialist Assists customer in ordering parts. Organizes process of ordering parts. Uses computers and sophisticated databases and programs to locate the necessary parts for the customer. Applies mathematical skills to determine which part will suit the measurements and dimensions of a particular vehicle. Provides cost estimates for parts or product to the customer. Conducts follow-ups to ensure customer is satisfied with the purchased product.
Customer Service Customer Service Representative Responds to incoming customer and sales force calls regarding orders and products.
Customer Service Catalog Personnel Distributes catalogs and collateral material to stores or customers.
Customer Service Counter Professional Assists customer at counter with retrieving parts, looking up parts and ordering parts.
Customer Service Advertising Specialist Develops point of purchase displays and collateral material.
Customer Service Customer Service Manager Oversees customer service operations. Monitors errors and coaches employees in error reduction. Establishes customer service practices.
Management Management Supervises and coordinates activities of sales and other employees to meet company sales and profit goals
Management Training Manager Develops and delivers training content/oversees the training of both internal and external customers.
Management Store Manager Obtains and maintains ASE certification. Manages overall daily operations of a store. Oversees customer sales, service needs and overall facilities of the store.
Management District Manager Oversees the operations of a given number of stores in a certain geographical area. Establishes, implements and maintains policies and programs for the stores.
Management Regional Manager Oversees the operations of a given number of districts in a certain geographical area. Staffs and trains store managers to operate stores according to company policy and strategic goals. Manages sales, cash flow, inventory, expenses and merchandising.
Executive Level Executive Level Leads the company by creating and communicating the company’s vision and mission, provides leadership, develops corporate strategies, creates and reviews goals and makes final decisions.
Executive Level Vice President Vice President of (Business Development, Store Operations), Division Vice President, Chief (Operating Officer, Financial Officer, Intelligence Officer, Executive Officer), President.
Executive Level Divisional Vice President Oversees the operations of a given number of regions in a certain geographical area. Develops strategies that will contribute to and achieve the company’s objectives and strategic goals. Manages performance of Regional Managers.
Executive Level Chief Financial Officer In charge of the financial operations of the company, including accounting (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable).
Executive Level Chief Information Office Oversees the Information Systems for the company including the help desk, computer systems and phone systems.
Executive Level Chief Operating Officer Manages the day-to-day operations of the entire company and reports to the CEO.
Executive Level Chief Executive Officer The highest ranking corporate officer of an entire company, oversees the entire management of an organization. Works with a board of directors to achieve the company’s strategic goals.
Manufacturing Production Manufacturing Production Support Supplies materials and cleans work areas and equipment; makes sure the assembly line remains in good, working order; skilled in a wide range of areas to maintain equipment such as electrical equipment, fluid and hydraulic power machines, mechanical equipment, and welding and fabrication machines. Performs product delivery to warehouse distribution centers.
Manufacturing Production Over-the-Road Driver Drives large commercial trucks across state lines to deliver product.
Manufacturing Production Purchasing Department Responsible for purchasing material and supplies from vendors. Prepare purchase orders based on approved requisitions.
Manufacturing Production Maintenance Crew Supplies material and tools, cleans work areas and equipment.
Manufacturing Production Industrial Machinery Mechanic Fixes any equipment problems in their assigned section of the plant or factory.
Manufacturing Production Manufacturing Production Runs and operates various machines that produce an array of motor vehicle parts and monitors computer-controlled systems that operate machines. Some production workers specialize in one type of machine while others specialize in multiple types.
Manufacturing Production Team Assembler Works in a team and performs a variety of tasks that includes routine work on the product or part being manufactured.
Manufacturing Production Machinist Produces precision metal parts too small to be made with automated machinery.
Manufacturing Production Metal and Plastic Worker Runs computers, programmable devices and machines that mold and cut metal, plastic and glass parts.
Manufacturing Production Welder Operates welding machines and performs welding tasks that can’t be produced with automated machinery.
Manufacturing Production Grinder and Polisher Uses hand tools or power tools to sand and polish metal surfaces.
Manufacturing Production Painter Paints surfaces of product or part.
Manufacturing Production Tool and Die Maker Produces, maintains and repairs machine tools, dies, overhead conveyors and other special devices used in machines.
Manufacturing Production Inspector/Tester Conducts checks to ensure that parts meet quality and safety standards. Inspects raw materials and checks parts for defects.
Manufacturing Research Manufacturing Research Developer/Designer Conducts extensive research and testing of vehicle parts prior to the time the parts are assembled in the manufacturing plant. Engineers and plans parts that will gain popularity in the market. Researches more fuel-efficient car parts and technologies.
Manufacturing Research Engineering Technician Prepares specifications for materials, devises and runs tests to ensure product quality and devises ways to improve manufacturing efficiency. Tests to see if product meets safety, quality and environmental standards. Tests product in different driving conditions.
Manufacturing Research Mechanical Engineer Designs improvements for engine, transmissions and other working parts. Oversees the building and testing of transmissions, brakes, suspensions and other mechanical and electrical components. Uses computers and other assorted tools to determine whether each part meets cost, safety, performance and quality specifications.
Manufacturing Research Electrical Engineer Designs vehicle’s electrical and electronic systems. Oversees the building and testing of transmissions, brakes, suspensions and other mechanical and electrical components. Uses computers and other assorted tools to determine whether each part meets cost, safety, performance and quality specifications.
Manufacturing Research Industrial Engineer Designs an efficient plant layout used to manufacture parts. Oversees the building and testing of transmissions, brakes, suspensions and other mechanical and electrical components. Uses computers and other assorted tools to determine whether each part meets cost, safety, performance and quality specifications.
Manufacturing Research Commercial and Industrial Design Uses artistic talent, computers and information on product use, marketing, materials and production methods to create parts that will make the vehicle competitive in the marketplace. Uses sketches and computer-aided design techniques to create models of vehicle parts.
Manufacturing Research Lead Designer Performs regular design activities and manages day-to-day activities of the design team.
Management Manufacturing Management

Establishes guidelines for the design of motor parts and serves as public representatives for the company. Determines if vehicle parts will satisfy repair shop and consumer demand, meet various regulations and prove economically practical to make.

Management First Line Supervisor

Oversees production staff.


Plant/Production Manager

Oversees manufacturing processes and procedures including staffing, scheduling, quality control and inventory. Ensures the flow of materials and parts between or within plant departments. Oversees health, environmental and safety processes of the plant.

Management Industrial Production Manager

Oversees first-line supervisor and plant manager.

Management Quality Manager

Manages total quality of the programs, policies and initiatives. Analyzes, develops and improves product quality, customer service programs and customer relationships.

Management Engineering Manager

Oversees entire engineering program, which includes product design, product launch and plant support. Develops high value and cost effective designs and systems for parts based on engineering, manufacturing and computer capabilities and requirements.

Product Delivery Product Delivery

Selects product; picks up, transports and drops off packages in a small or urban area.  Transports parts and product from the distribution centers to businesses or consumers.

Product Delivery Route Delivery Driver

Selects product; picks up, transports and drops off packages in a small or urban area.  Transports parts and product from the distribution centers to businesses or consumers.

Distribution Center Distribution Center Teammate

Operates machinery used to ship and receive parts and product; handles scanning and computer work; paperwork; loads and unloads trucks; stacks, picks & palletizes finished products. Counts, replenishes and rotates parts and products in the warehouse. Fills requisitions, work orders or requests for materials, and assembles customer orders from stock.

Distribution Center Material Handling Clerk

Monitors information and product to keep the company and supply chain on schedule.

Distribution Center Receiving Clerk

Handles all inbound product, handles scanning and computer work. Verifies and keeps track of incoming shipments.

Distribution Center Shipping Clerk

Handles and packages product for will call pick-up and shipping out.

Distribution Center Inventory Clerk

Monitors the distribution of incoming parts for quality and storage purposes. Prepares and maintains records of parts and products and handles any discrepancies.

Customer Service Customer Service

Assists customer with product inquiries. Issues credits, handles shipping problems, complaints, catalogs and special orders.

Customer Service Customer Service Support

Assists customer with product inquiries. Issues credits, handles shipping problems, complaints, catalogs and special orders.

Customer Service Information Clerk

Provides administrative and clerical support.

Customer Service Catalog Personnel

Distributes catalogs and collateral material to stores or customers.

Customer Service Advertising Specialist

Develops point of purchase displays and collateral material.

Warehouse Warehouse Management

Monitors, analyzes and promotes the operational success of a distribution company to achieve strategic goals of the company. Oversees the daily operations of the distribution center and its employees to ensure the successful development and production of the company. Includes budgeting/financial administration, functional/operational administration and staff management.


Purchasing/Product Manager

Orders all product (delivery & services) for the company. Oversees the inventory, buying and pricing of products and parts.

Warehouse Warehouse Supervisor

Supervises the daily work schedules of warehouse workers. Supervises employee productivity and assigns specific responsibilities.


Warehouse Manager/Operations Manager

Manages production, safety and efficiency of entire warehouse operation.

Warehouse District Manager

Oversees a given number of WD centers in a given geographical area. Implements and enforces policies and programs for the area centers.

Human Resources Human Resources

Oversees company talent recruitment, talent placement, employee relations and ensures the company’s work environment meets labor and employment laws.

Human Resources


Monitors, evaluates and records training activities. Offers specific training to employees to help them develop and improve certain skills. Monitors training costs, assesses training needs and evaluate training materials.

Human Resources

E-learning Specialist

Designs and delivers training using web-based software. Training is based on both technical and communication skills.

Human Resources

Benefits Administrator

Directs and plans day-to-day operations of group benefit programs (group health, dental, vision, short-term and long-term disability, worker’s compensation, life insurance, travel and accident plan, flexible spending plan, 401k plan and retirement plan). Supervises benefit administration and designs employee benefit programs.

Human Resources Technical Support Advisor

Assists callers with product questions, manages help line. Assists engineering in identifying product issues.

Human Resources Curriculum Designer

Creates learning and instructional material based on company learning objectives and learner needs.

Human Resources Human Resources Manager

Recruits and staffs suitable employees, organizes departmental planning, oversees training and policy development, oversees employee communication, facilitation and compliance to regulatory concerns, oversees employee safety, welfare and health, administers employee compensation and benefits.

Human Resources Payroll Specialist

Ensures accurate processing and recording of company’s payroll, provides timely and accurate financial information, participates in daily data entry payroll processing.

Human Resources Technical Assistance Manager

Oversees tech line specialists. Provides training and coaching, and implements new procedures and technologies to ensure customer satisfaction.

Human Resources Training and Operations Manager

Designs and implements corporate training programs, policies and procedures. Adapts training programs to include new technologies and fit corporate needs.

Human Resources Director of Human Resources

Creates, manages and implements human resource services for company. Coordinates policies that align with company’s overall strategic goals. Assists with and advises manager of HR policies. Oversees overall safety of the workplace, staff hiring, development of HR department and development of a positive company culture.


Responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support company goals. Manages and operates Information technology resources and plans for effective use by employees and customers.

IT Web Administrator

Maintains website and blogs for company. Interacts with programmers and IT support and technicians.

IT Catalogue Specialist

Manages the creation, application and maintenance of product application manuscripts in physical and electronic formats. Creates catalogs for technical product information documents.

IT Technician

Keeps up to date with and applies knowledge of current computer and mobile technologies and product trends, uses tools and systems to apply technical processes and standards.

IT Information Technology Assistant

Assists with all PC hardware and some software. Writes programs.

IT Data Warehouse Specialist

Designs and implements company data warehousing activities. Provides support to warehouse users. Tests software systems or applications, coordinates troubleshooting support and monitors the structure, accuracy and quality of warehouse data.

IT Programmer

Codes data into computer language. Develops and writes computer programs specific to company. Programs websites.

IT Information Technology Manager

Takes care of company technology needs; maintains equipment, systems and employee IT support.

Marketing/Communications Marketing/Communications

Manages and orchestrates internal and external messaging and advertising to educate and provide a favorable view of the company to customers.


Web Designer

Designs website using code as well as coding programs. Obtains graphics for website, writes and delegates website copy. Creates visually appealing websites in accordance the company’s communication goals.

Marketing/Communications Public Relations Specialist

Promotes the organization by creating favorable communications material and releases it through various communications media. Establishes and maintains cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee and public interests groups.

Marketing/Communications Marketing Coordinator

Researches industry, market, product, retail and customer trends to determine the potential sales of products. Uses publishing software to create marketing materials. Promotes products or services through internet marketing and other materials. Works with management team on various projects.

Marketing/Communications Communications Specialist

Assists with the creation and delivery of news and other information to both internal and external sources. Plans and coordinates media and marketing events. Composes press releases and other written material in accordance with the company’s communication needs.

Marketing/Communications Graphic Designer

Creates designs, concepts and sample layouts for company communication projects. Uses computer software to generate new images. Develops graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos and internet websites.

Marketing/Communications Product Marketing Manager

Develops a marketable product line program. Promotes company brand through marketing, advertising and promotional activities. Creates and updates marketing reports.

Marketing/Communications Director of Marketing

Plans, develops and implements all of the organizations marketing strategies, communications and public relations activities. Directs marketing, communications, public relations and design staff and coordinates at the strategic and tactical levels with other departments in the organization.

Sales Sales

Responsible for the planning and implementation of sales techniques and customer relationships to meet company revenue goals.

Sales Sales Analyst

Reports sales analysis with field sales, marketing and senior management team and observes execution of sales reports on the field.

Sales Sales Representative

Assists customers with product information, delivery and installation services. Assists in the selection and purchasing of merchandise. Builds lasting customer relationships. Completes sales transactions.

Sales Sales Manager

Supervises all aspects of sales people, conducts constant price shopping, travels to promote product. Establishes customer relationships and creates client accounts by using knowledge of product/service.

Sales Sales Administrator

Maintains customer pricing and price files, processes rebates and marketing credits, produces monthly unit data and budget reports, oversees human resource compliance for sales-related items.

Sales Sales Director

Plans and directs sales activities within the organization. Oversees sales team members. Maximizes revenue potential within an organization’s given area.

Sales Area and Territory Sales Manager

Recruits new prospects and interacts with existing customers to increase the sales of the company’s products and services. Creates business plans for assigned accounts. Manages customer inventories to increase sales and reduce returns. Develops and maintains key account plans for all customers within that area/territory.

Sales Strategic Accounts Manager

Oversees the merchandising, marketing and sales of a company’s product line with their assigned customer. Acts as a liaison between the company and the customer concerning the cataloging, pricing, warranty, advertising and training of a product.

Sales Outside Sales

Conducts sales calls, delivers product, processes & picks up customer returns. Promotes awareness and use of products and services.

Sales Sales Analysis and Planning Manage

Prepares sales forecasts and analyzes data to evaluate current sales goals. Develops sales quotas and forecasts for the sales team.

Accounting/Finance Accounting/Finance

Responsible for measuring, analyzing and communicating financial data and information for decision-making by company management and executives.

Accounting/Finance Buyer

Purchases materials and supplies from vendors. Prepares purchase orders based on approved requisitions and identifies opportunities to leverage volumes on selected commodities to obtain the lowest total cost of materials and services.

Accounting/Finance Accounts Payable

Takes care of paper and computer work, pays a given number of invoices and statements per month.

Accounting/Finance Accounts Receivable

Takes care of paper and computer work, handles and processes checks and cash, credit manager.

Accounting/Finance Pricing Coordinator

Analyzes market trends and sets prices.

Accounting/Finance Purchasing Coordinator

Orders all products for the company, conducts inventory control, handles pricing, paper and computer work.

Accounting/Finance Controller

Keeps track of company’s financial activities. Sets financial policies of the organization and supervises record-keeping. Sets budgets and conducts budget planning.

Technician Technician

Works with traditional hand tools as well as high-level technology to perform both basic and complex repairs. Uses computerized shop equipment to diagnose and conduct repairs on sophisticated automobiles.

Technician Automotive Master Technician

Diagnoses more complex problems and executes vehicle repairs. Has knowledge of integrated electronic systems and complex computer systems as well as traditional hand-crafted tools.

Technician Automotive Technician

Inspects, maintains and repairs automobiles and light trucks that run on gasoline, electricity or alternative fuels. Performs basic care maintenance. Uses databases and available equipment for vehicle repair and maintenance. Diagnoses and repairs problems with the vehicle. Uses a variety of testing equipment, including hand-held and onboard diagnostic computers or compression gauges. Follows a checklist to ensure that they have examined every critical part of the vehicle.

Technician Specialty Service Technician

Transmission technicians, tune-up technicians, automotive air conditioning repairers, front-end mechanics, brake repairers, crash repair specialists

Technician Diesel Service Technician

Works on diesel-powered trucks, buses and equipment.

Shop Customer Service Shop Customer Service

Creates a pleasant and welcoming environment for the customer and establishes a lasting relationship with them.

Shop Customer Service Customer Service Consultant

Writes repair order and is the first point of contact with customers. Makes sure that customers are receiving good service at every point of contact with the technicians. Tracks all vehicles and work order flow at all times. Works with technicians on customer service.

Shop Customer Service Automotive Service Manager

Oversees customer service consultant and handles customer complaints and service issues.

Shop Management Shop Management

Maximizes the efficiency, revenue and productivity of the service department and achieves the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Shop Management Shop Manager

Oversees daily operations of shop including schedule, workflow and customer service. Conducts customer follow-ups regarding vehicle repairs and assists the customer service consultant with any service issues that arise.

Shop Management General Manager

Oversees operations for a single store or for multiple store locations. Oversees profit and losses, human resources, marketing and financial operations for the shop. Makes purchasing decisions and oversees the hiring and terminating of employees.

Shop Management Owner

Performs work of vice president, division vice president, chief (operating officer, financial officer, intelligence officer, executive officer), president.